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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Morning Shower By Shaun Prior:

A fine wisp of moisture,

Drifting over the fragile surface,

Of a single, ice blue droplet,

Resting on a delicate, cool, leaf

With the whispering wind

It trickles down the green surface

Running over Mother Nature’s fine veins

Bleeding a single diamond

Cascading, an infinitesimal waterfall

Like one word in a long, winding song

Sung by a drifting, whimsical cloud

That released its vertical, inverted prayer

Before breaking out in joyous praise

Crash, clap, clang, cymbals bash together in the murky, smoky circus

Lightning jigs and jags to the jazz of zigzag

And gurgling, chuckling thunder chases its staircase tail

Like the visionless updraft beneath a golden eagle’s winds.

And just as suddenly, the gracious, ambient smile, of sunlight

Creates its own crystal shower                                                                   

Trickling through the parting clouds like a dream

Refracting and shimmering

In a calm, chilled pond

A single raindrop’s ripple;

The nostalgic giggle of the fond, passing sky

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