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Esoteric:- private; secret; confidential; only for special people, like you :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cool Soft

The breath blown from your blinking winter eyes
Cools my flushed cheeks

I remember I said to myself remember this day
This whispering pulse reminds me
That I am still alive
That you are still alive

Gently calm me down
Chill my head with a crystal crown
My skin in hot
My flesh is on fire
Only your water can wash over me
On my knees I will be
As the waves move in a rolling embrace
I will feel your white lightface

Invite repair
Invite my child back to me

Beckoning is your soft touch
And all of a sudden life is alive
I need what I need
But dare I let that wait?
I want to hide in your soft arms

Break the distance
Shatter the miles
I reach out with my short arms
You reach me

Your soft arms.

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