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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

{What do you think of this poem?}

Peace and the Beast

A state of white sleep
Like cool milk running over skin
Washed away by spring water
Cleansed, fragile and sweetly calm

Hunted by tiger stripes
The cool beauty might be caught
And dissolve, as porcelain shatters
Yellow eyes, against orange, against black

Bestiality lies in waiting
By the waterfall of her sleeping peace
Feline angst burns just beneath fur
Expectant grass shimmers in the wind

The great wild rises forth
Lunging at the stillness floating above
But the beast cannot reach
Plunging back to pungent earth

Serenity’s laugh flutters out
A single winged blossom teases
“Silly cat,” her pale lips release the words
“I am unattainable”

The tiger wanders into the woods

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