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Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Wife’s Confession:

So small.
Your wedding ring is a hamster wheel
and I am the pet
running in a plain, gold cycle.
It’s nice, really,
but all I can see in the sparkling surface
is my own warped, pale reflection.
And I can’t smile, though I try really hard
but what hurts most, is that you can.
I’m so black and blue inside
and I want to show you
but you are a giant
you cannot see me.
Under your feet, I am crushed.


  1. Very harsh this one is Shaun.. But very well written :) I like it! Tahira

    1. Thank you, :P It's kind of strange that I wrote from the perspective of an unhappy wife - how very feminist of me

  2. I actually agree with the view/perspective on marriage that it portrays, though I also agree with's a harsh portrayal but it's very well written...

    1. Thanks Jamie :) Its kind of funny because, of course, I never will experience that.