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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Meeting, with God

You called to me
I responded
I fell asleep
And you awakened me
It is incredible, because
When I awoke, I was completely awake
In one second
I opened my eyes
And my head was as clear as day
Yet it was 2:45 in the morning
I turned on the lamp, and
You told me to pray
And 15 minutes later
You were standing in front of me
I didn’t recognize who you were, at first
You came so quietly
But when I actually looked, into your face
All I could see was your light
The radiance enveloped me
Waves of love permeated me
And I had no words
I just purred like a cat being stroked
Hummed in bliss
Breathed, for the first time
In the white brilliance, I could
See shimmers of different colours
After some time you spoke
So gently
You reached for a painting I did not own
You showed me
The image was faded and tired
And you said
“Don’t let the painting fade, don’t let your dream of becoming an artist die”
I sat there, still absorbing your love
You softly left
And I, without thinking
Opened my eyes
Turned off the lamp
Went back to sleep
And didn’t tell anyone, for months
Something so huge, to comprehend

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