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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chaff Huff

Set me atop a sundrenched ziggurat
Listen as the rain trickles down my temple of heaven
This place was built by farmers
As their quiet selves adjusted straw hats
And went to work, plowing fields
Don’t ask me how the formula goes
All I know is the situation
The plump wheat grew high
And the yellow straws wrapped and entangled
A passionate embrace
The final scenario
Was a castle, unfolding like a parasol
Exploring the flavour, of the summer’s radiance
My architecture has many roofs
More ceilings and numerous staircases
That only go up
But I am afraid, snakes go down
A muralist lived here once, so did etymologist
So illustrator, so doctor
They come and go
But I remain
I can make many things into flesh
-       Autumn leaves, summer, harmony
But can I locate pre-made humanity
That fits with my puzzle?
The ridge of me, the edge of you
The systems function far better
I just stay in my tower
Made of nature’s string
And pray the wolf that preys
Isn’t all that big-bad
And if he does blow
With every puff of wind I’ll spin
And through a network of connections
He will himself be grinded into bread
The mill and the butcher’s shop
I can be
I do hope that my heaven temple
Can resist change
But wouldn’t it be glorious
If my Babel were to fall
All that yellow grass
My kingdom of hay
Tumbling back to earth
Collapsing as cymbals clashes
I could be chaff in the wind
Let me leave right now
Through the back door
As the sun sets on yesterday
With long shadows leading
I’ll go on the run
Here’s hoping my tower
Is not a wheeled creation
A locomotive of automatic nature
Instantaneously suggesting my capture to itself
And agreeing, determining my demise
Then my dire situation
Might lead me to surrender
Giving up the chase
The fortress, I would hate
The price of protection, is freedom
Safe in my prison
Who new this cereal was made of bricks?
But perhaps If I light a little fire
Paint the town red
Or just send a signal
For help.

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