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Esoteric:- private; secret; confidential; only for special people, like you :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Look inside – what do you see?
My head is full of dark corners
you wander into my castle;
and it seems alright.
There’s cobbled paths and glass displays
statues morph and dance
but then you realise
chemicals connect
you even wonder if it’s too late
to escape my grasp
and you run the other way
[men march backwards in this town]

My head is full of dark corners
some are made of sweaty flesh with
thick veins and a deep heart beat.
Others buzz with electric sensitivity.
Others wrap things in bleak, wide impossibility.
But there is one corner that
I treasure, that
invites Mona Lisa to laugh
and uncertain hearts to say “I do!”
This corner is full of light, is made
of light.
And this corner will [in my case] always
- because it is planted by a
never-ending river
when you look into this place,
this angle, my own edge of heaven:
All is full of love.

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