My Purpose

Esoteric:- private; secret; confidential; only for special people, like you :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012


All these hunger games have led me to exhaustion
And I’m tired of this, sick of that
Cane toad cattle starve me dry of any hope for anything, I guess
So shoosh and stay quiet
Soblivious to my sorrow
Hushing horseback soldiers away from my dreams
Third person, first, second, twenty-seventh, honestly enough!
Snuff out my wishes in a candlestick matchbox
And pray that He’ll come again soon, with much provision
Because I cannot calculate obsequiousness, nor navigate flattery
I pine for reality
I grown for the effortlessness of your touch, my partner
I dream in my mind’s eye of catching this moth
 & sticking air holes in a jar of honey
Your dust is my sugar
And somehow, your warmth sustains me
In this desert.

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