My Purpose

Esoteric:- private; secret; confidential; only for special people, like you :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

There’s a little man living inside my computer keyboard

With every key pressed, he exhales

If I do not type, he does not find release

With every letter I touch, he is set free

I make melodies with his breaths

He knows all my passwords

He blew them all out

I cannot erase my search history

From his memory

And I don’t want to

Every secret

Every exclamation

Every question

Every mark I’ve made

As I drifted along the virtual expanse

Was a downward push on his diaphragm

I hold the key to the ribcage

Of the little man living inside my computer keyboard

Someday I’ll show you

And as a type this poem, I hear him

Blowing it out

Voiceless whispering.

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