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Esoteric:- private; secret; confidential; only for special people, like you :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012


The sun warms me up
I thank it with a violent shake
Gritty and wholesome
A bit of the beat got stuck in me
And bongos jam to the bah-da-bam
I’m a modern day primitive
Living in jungle Congo bongo city
Susan sings with her gloved raised yellow
Swinging Sophia whispers wisdom hello
Now off to the grass we zip
(Clovers give good-green-luck mellow)
Just you and me
Now of the matters we spoke a day-or-so-ago
That lovely conversation we had by the lake blue
Aha! There you go!
I spoke: “the poet reclining” with rosy cheeks
“Now if I can get that feeling”
(Apple and oranges were peeling)
“I think I will have succeeded”
And you conceded with a giggle and smile
Then like a gypsy your words stole me
And took me to a house three stories (four?)
“Now the first,” you said with a whisper “floor”
“Never stops growing”
“The second always sleeps – the third never”
I imagined dancing to many coloured nights
And you spoke of a fourth that linked it all
And roots shooting like foundations
Into ocean’s sides, your own little nation
Descending bending stone stairs
To the sea no sin
 - And oh the house lets only special people in!
Then back I went to the city grey
With umbrellas for trees
And train tickets for hay
But all the while I’m still so rich
Shimmering like a red poppy
I am oh so rich
I’m golden

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