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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

This Icelandic lullaby is so beautiful. I first heard it sung in Icelandic by Björk, my favourite musician, on her Medulla Album. Here it is in English:

Vökuró - (Vigil in English)

My farm 

my farm and yours
sleeps happily at peace
falls snow
silent at dusk on earth
my grass
my grass and yours
keeps the earth til spring

Nesting spring
hid at the hill's root
awake as are we
faith in life
quiet cold spring
eye of the depths
into the firmament
staring still in the night

Far away
wakes the great world
mad with grim enchantment
fearful of night and day
your eyes
fearless and serene
smile bright at me

My hope
your blest smile
rouses verse from sleep
the earths rests
silent in arms of snow
lily white
closes her blue eyes
my little girl 

If you want to here the song, look up Bjork Vokuro on Youtube

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